1881 Census for Scotland

This computerised transcription of the census enumerators' books for the 1881 Census covering the entire enumerated population of England, Scotland and Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man is a by-product of a project to create a microfiche index of the population of Great Britain for genealogists.
This study comprises the 1881 census returns for Scotland. Those for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are available via SN 4177.

The data consists of the name, address, relationship to the head of household, marital status, age, gender, occupation and birthplace of individuals living in Scotland, together with information about disabilities and the Public Records Office (PRO) reference.

Spatial Coverage: 
Data Creator: 
M. Allen, W. Diamond, K. Shurer, M. Woollard (University of Essex. Department of History)
Time Period: 

Cross-sectional (one-time) study

Data Publisher:


Machine-readable codebooks in Adobe PDF format.

There is no other documentation currently available for this version of the 1881 census machine-readable transcription. Users can refer to the file "guide.pdf" provided with the data, but they should note that this file refers to the previously released superceded version of the 1881 census (SN 3643).

Data and documentation files are contained within the Win-zipped file 1881.zip


Genealogical users can register their personal project with the Data Archive in order to purchase a copy of the data. Click here for an explanation of project funding and fees.
CD-ROMs of the 1881 British Census can also be purchased for genealogical use from FamilySearch.org

Original Data Producers were: Genealogical Society of Utah. Federation of Family History Societies.

Persistent identifier:10.5255/UKDA-SN-4178-1

File Descriptions: 


  • "county-name".tab are ASCII tab-delimited files.
  • guide.pdf, method.pdf and source.pdf are portable document format files.
  • *.txt are readme and citation files.


File Storage: 

Data written to CD-ROM 29/1/02.


ASCII tab-delimited files.

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Users must register before receiving a copy of data files.
Edinburgh University users may contact the Data Library for access.