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British Geological Survey (BGS) Online Data

British Geological Survey (BGS) is the National Geoscience Data Centre for the National Environment Research Council and holds a wealth of geological data such as digital databases and maps, archives and materials collections. These datasets are available to search and view online through OpenGeoscience. Datasets include: groundwater chemistry data including Baseline Scotland; Borehole materials; Dicovery metadata; GeoIndex (a map-based index to datasets); Magnetograms; GeoScenic photo archive; Lexicon of Named Rock Units; Rock classification scheme; Web services (containing geological map data in open formats for mashups within open geo-browsers). There's also a link to the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) which holds a comprehensive collection of geological and environmental information on the surface and subsurface of Great Britain, and offshore, which is available to the public, industry and academia.

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United Kingdom
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Freely available data on internet.