British Election Studies Information System (BESIS)

The British Election Studies Information System (BESIS) offers complete online access to election statistics from 1964 onwards. It is provided by the Centre for Comparative European Survey Data at London Metropolitan University.Users can browse the complete post-election, British election surveys from 1964 to the present day by subject, search the full text of survey questionnaires by survey series, run cross-tabulations of variables and view the output as high quality graphics. The web site is free, but requires registration to access the election surveys. In addition, the site provides general election turnout and voting statistics for:

  • national voting turnout, and seats won by party, from 1945
  • national party candidates and votes won, from 1966
  • election results by constituency, from 1983, with interactive maps
Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom
Time Period: 

1945 to latest


Registration required for many functions.

Data Access: 

Basic statistics available free on-line.