Atlas of Deprivation: England - 2007

The Social Disadvantage Research Centre at the University of Oxford's Department of Social Policy and Social Work was commissioned by Communities and Local Government to update the Indices of Deprivation 2004 for England.

The resulting Indices of Deprivation 2007 provies a ranking of areas within England according to level of deprivation as indicated by the following deprivation domains:

  • Income deprivation
  • Employment deprivation
  • Health deprivation and disability
  • Education, skills and training deprivation
  • Barriers to housing and services
  • Crime
  • Living environment deprivation
Spatial Coverage: 
United Kingdom
Data Creator: 
University of Oxford, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Social Disadvantage Research Centre.
Time Period: 

2004 - 2006.


PDF file giving full information on the scope, purpose, concepts and definitions of the indices lcoated within the meta folder.

Data Access: 

CD-ROM available from the Data Library.